We are looking for programmers and systems analysts with experience in LAMP technologies,
VOIP and WEB. We develop real-time applications in industrial environments, airports and military sites for Security, Safety, Live Information, Automation (also Labview on Linux) and VOIP.

We appreciate the good practice of the C language.

You can work in our laboratories or by remote via VPN and/or other utilities.

We can offer accommodation to Italian and other nationalities engineers.
We are very close to Tor Vergata University.

Contact Us

Augen Telematica e Automazione:

Email:  info@augen-telematica.it
Skype:  augenteat
Tel:  +39  0620609400  |  +39 0645495644
Address:  Via di Fontana Candida, 314  |  00132  |  Rome  |  Italy